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Management a roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be and it starts with I Style Management.

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   Branding & Social Media

As timelines are prepared for goals, we create strategies that are realistic and deliverable for the artist. My artists are the central part of my business relationship. With focus and passion it is the responsibility of the artist manager to have a point by point discussion about grooming and developing each artist according to their uniqueness. The music business is highly competitive and constantly changing. The business framework that you receive with I Style Management  gives each artist insight  from becoming an artist to defining and managing your brand. From promotional planning, timing, networking, creating a marketable image, keeping the artist creative, informed and connected. It is our best artist development roadmap to a healthy and successful career.


My aim is to help our artist gain exposure through public media, television, radio, newspaper/magazines, as well as audiences, through showcasing and live performances.


I  believe that generating creative coverage can build relations between the artist, prospective clients, fans and consumers.

Ultimately establishing and maintaining relationships with targeted audiences through media can help to build brand awareness.

My goal is to effectively use the most powerful public relations tools for consistent marketing activity and publicity.

Social Media has become a successful platform for musical artist, far beyond the trend of interacting with friends, sharing information.

It is a tool we take seriously by monitoring its content, keeping it updated, securing its quality and privacy. It is an important tool for artist professionals to broaden followers, fans and possible work opportunities.

 I believe social media used as a network, has become a large roadway in addition to television. radio and newspaper. I effectively incorporate social media to build the brand of the artist partnering with publicity to help the fans feel closer to the artist, the music and the person they support and admire.


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