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ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: As timelines are prepared for goals, I create strategies that are realistic and deliverable for the artist. My artist, are the central part of my business. With focus and passion, it is my responsibility to point to point take the artist through the process of grooming and developing, according to their uniqueness. The music business is highly competitive and constantly changing. The framework that you receive gives each artist insight from becoming an artist to defining a brand. Creating a marketable image is the road map to a successful career.



PERFORMANCE COACHING: Yes, you can sing dance and act or maybe play an instrument.! Performing can sometimes become divided between the performer and the audience, a blurr. It is the way an artist expresses with action how he or she can convey the story, or reach the heart of the audience. I believe “the performance” identifies one artist from another. Skill, passion, communication, and the ability to draw another in, is developed in my performance session



 Public  Workshops Available by appointment

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